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GRAITEC is a global leading BIM provider helping architectural, construction and manufacturing professionals digitize their processes to maximize investment return from software technologies. They helping customers to CREATE, SIMULATE, FABRICATE and MANAGE all the data of their projects.
Are you a structural engineer in the civil engineering field and want to improve your efficiency?
GRAITEC has developed a global CAD / Analysis & Design platform that allows you to simulate and optimize your structures, and rapidly create all the necessary drawings, without having to re-input data. Their software products are used in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Advance Design

Advance Design

Advance Design is a powerful and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment – fully compliant to Revit.
Advance Design fully designs any type of structures (concrete, steel and timber members), with any kind of loads in accordance to major international code standards (Eurocodes/North American). It provides an outstanding BIM experience. It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle.

Advance PowerPack for Revit

Advance POWERPACK for Revit

Advance PowerPack for Revit is an essential tool for every day’s needs USER-CENTRIC powerful ADD-ON for Autodesk® Revit.
It provides a broad suite of unique commands and functionality to significantly increase productivity when working with Autodesk® Revit®. These practical, every-day utilities focus on speeding up modeling, simplifying family management, documentation and enhanced external data-links for a dramatically improved BIM workflow. Flexible and multidisciplinary, GRAITEC PowerPack creates a significant added value for all experts involved in BIM Project (BIM Manager, BIM Modeller, BIM Coordinator, Architect, Structural engineer, Designer, or MEP engineer).

BIM Connect

Advance BIM CONNECT for Revit

GRAITEC BIM Connect is a powerful free extension for Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk Revit Structure that provides bidirectional intelligent BIM model sharing with GRAITEC analysis products, and includes revision control and tracking.
GRAITEC BIM Connect also enables basic import and export capabilities using recognized industry formats IFC, CIS2, SDNF and PSS to support all levels of interoperability across all disciplines.