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AStrutTie is a strut-and-tie model (STM) design/analysis software for structural concrete members with disturbed nonlinear stress regions. It assists structural designers’ to model complex stress regions and develop optimum design solution with ease. AStrutTie is suitably for use in design of corbel (bracket), dapped end beam, abutment/pier footing, bridge pier coping (pier cap), frame corner, anchorage zone, simply supported/continuous deep beam, beam-column joint, PSC box girder and etc. Currently AStrutTie supports many international design codes and specifications, such as Eurocode 2, ACI 318 and AASHTO LRFD.

Challenges in Strut-and-Tie Modelling

  • Uncertainty in the construction of an appropriate strut-tie model due to lack of general and comprehensive specifications.
  • Inefficiency in the construction of strut-tie models representing load transfer mechanisms for multiple load combinations.
  • Enormous time and efforts for examining the suitability of an optimum strut-tie model that satisfies the strength conditions of struts and nodes.

Why AStrutTie?

  • Powerful analysis/design software for structural concrete with development features of principal stress flows and Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO) technique. These advanced analytical techniques assists to eliminate uncertainty in the construction of an appropriate strut-tie model.
  • Fast and efficient generation of strut-tie models with ready available templates, intelligent graphical user interface and advanced element feature on truss mechanism, truss and arch mechanism, and fan action.
  • Model generation capabilities directly from *.dxf drawing file.
  • Automated design checks on the required amount of reinforcement, minimum reinforcement ratio for SLS, strength verification of concrete struts and nodal zones.
  • Automated generation of design results and reports in Word (*.rtf), Excel (*.xlsx), and PDF (*.pdf) file formats.

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Summary Features on Different Types of AStrutTie Licenses

Stress Flow Analysisgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Determinate Truss Analysisgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Indeterminate Truss Analysisgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO)red crossgreen tickgreen tick
Structure Templategreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Structure Template Editgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
DXF Import & Export of Structure Modelred crossgreen tickgreen tick
Truss Advance Elementsred crossgreen tickgreen tick
Calculation of Required Area of Strutgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Design Reviewgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Report Reviewgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
ACI 318M Codegreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
AASHTO-LRFD Specgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
Eurocode 2green tickgreen tickgreen tick
Graphical Display of Structural Analysis Resultsgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
SI Metric Unitgreen tickgreen tickgreen tick
US Customary Unitgreen tickgreen tickred cross
ACI Report File Savegreen tickgreen tickred cross
AASHTO Report File Savegreen tickgreen tickred cross
Eurocode 2 Report File Savegreen tickgreen tickred cross

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