Advance Design

Advance Design

Advance Design is a powerful and easy to use FEM structural analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a BIM environment. Fully designs any type of structures including CONCRETE, STEEL and TIMBER members. Part of an open BIM workflows and fully integrated with Revit.

Advance Design Key Features

3D RC Slab Design

  • Part of an open BIM workflow – Import/export standard files such as IFC, SNDF, DXF, CIS/2 files. Best in class integration with Revit and Advance Steel.
  • International design codes – Eurocodes with several local National Annexes (NA), American codes, Canadian codes and more.
  • FEM analysis – Advanced mesh capabilities, powerful graphical postprocessing and 3D animation.
  • Fast and easy to use – Easy modeling, 3D frames generator and powerful CAD tools.
  • Automatic load generator – Best in class 3D climatic generator, seismic loads according different codes and traffic loads.
  • Multicore FEM engine – Static and dynamic analysis, time-history, geometrical nonlinearities, large displacement analysis, general buckling and rigid diaphragms.
  • Reinforced Concrete, Timber and Steel members and Connections design.
  • Capacity Design check.
  • Automated Documentation production – Full 3D rebar cages and reinforcement drawings, detailed reports including all intermediate formulas and results.

Building with Bending Moment Diagrams

BIM Workflow

Truly BIM Workflow for Complete Structural Design Process

Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience.
It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the digital continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle.
Analysis results are stored in the Digital Model and are part of the BIM process. They can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Revit. These options open new disruptive opportunities.

RC Beam Design Module