CYPE 3DCYPE 3D analyses any type of structure with bars (linear elements) made of concrete, steel, composite concrete and steel, aluminium, timber, or any other material, and includes the design of connections (welded and bolted connections of rolled and welded steel I-sections and hollow structural sections) and their foundations with baseplates, footings, pile caps, strap and tie beams. Timber, steel or aluminium bars and reinforced concrete columns and beams can be designed by the program. Composite concrete and steel columns can be checked by the program.

Operating as an independent program, CYPE 3D also allows the discretisation of structures using shells (flat two-dimensional elements of constant thickness whose perimeter is defined by a polygon) to analyse their forces and stresses.
It analyses, designs and checks the fire resistance of timber sections; it checks the fire resistance of steel sections and designs the protective coating for steel sections. It carries out the seismic analysis of the structure. For wind and seismic loads, it considers second-order (P-delta) effects.
CYPE 3D also works as an independent program, as well as within CYPECAD as an integrated 3D structure.

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